Why Bollard Protection Matters

A system of bollards in any parking structure, lot, or other designated parking area can increase the safety and security of your customers, clients, partners, and property. Bollards provide a simple and convenient way to further enhance the aesthetic elements of your parking structure. They can be used to contribute to any color coding system you may have in place. Your color coding system is useful for the beautification of your property, but it also enables clients and customers to more easily navigate your parking area, and to more easily locate their vehicles on departure.

Bollards are useful to protect standing areas around doors, walkways, and curbs where pedestrians and motor traffic are in close proximity. Naturally, a strong bollard provides a high degree of safety at a given point for pedestrians, the bright colors with which they are often painted are there to warn drivers before striking them.

Certain utility elements such as electrical switching stations, transformers, outdoor water, and other important prices of machinery both indoors and outdoors need to be protected from motor traffic. A series of bollards, in addition to protective machine cases, are an effective way to accomplish this.

Bollards can be especially valuable in the provision of safety to pedestrians and property in areas where it is difficult or impossible for you to provide security, surveillance, or instruction to drivers. Here, bollards can stand firmly and reliably in the absence of direct supervision. The problem with remote bollards is that should drivers strike them and damage them, or should they be degraded by weather, it may be difficult for your staff to detect and correct the damage before a defective bollard fails to provide its needful protective function.

For all these reasons, it is in your interest to protect your bollards. Fortunately, there are plenty ways and useful products that allow you to protect and prolong the life of these valuable assets. Bollard guards, sleeves, bumpers, and cushions come in a variety of designs and colors to suit your bollard system. Many of these are adjustable, and most come in a variety of styles to best suit your decorative scheme. More still come with reflective strips or surfaces that alert drivers who might be approaching a collision with them. Some are decorative, come with an integrated lighting system, and many protect your bollards from rain and moisture as well as from collisions with automobiles. In certain instances where you do not want to risk damaging vehicles that may come into contact with bollards, rubber, flexible bollards are also available.

Bollard protection will prolong the life of these important safety systems which protect people and property and are likely to save you money over the life of your bollard systems.