What Are The Types Of Auto Glass Replacements in Georgia, USA?

An auto glass replacement is one of the major investments you can make on your car, when it comes to looks and safety on the road in Georgia. Auto glass replacements take up a lot of your time, money as well as future safety. It assists in getting involved in the process and how replacement in implemented so that you can preserve the life of the auto glass and maximize its use. If you are a careful car owner, you might want to know the types of auto glass replacements your preferred auto glass company in Georgia, USA, in metro Atlanta.

  1. Dealer parts

This kind of auto glass replacement utilizes the glass produced by your car manufacturer. And because of this reason, the auto glass experts follow the exact specifications of your car’s make as well as its model. This is the ideal fit for your car and it comes with set pins for exact replacement and equipment for your car’s mirror brackets, camera mounts, heating grids and rain sensor brackets to be installed exactly according to the car’s make and model specifications. This type of auto glass replacement fit your car so perfectly that it also makes your drive smooth and safe as well. If you are looking for cheap auto glass services in Suwanee that deals with dealer-manufactured auto glass replacement, there are many companies like Suwanee Auto Glass Network.

  1. Aftermarket glass from the original equipment manufacturer

This type of auto glass replacement utilizes the parts that are a fit to the standard of the manufacturers of your car, however, they are not necessarily produced by your car manufacturer. It is not the same case as above. Because these auto glass replacements are within the standards of your car manufacturers, they are supplied to the big shot companies in Georgia, USA, in metro Atlanta. These types of auto glass replacements come with the attachment pins and mounting options for accessorizing your car but minus the trademark.

  1. Generic Glass

This is the cheapest option if you are looking for an affordable auto glass replacement, but it doesn’t guarantee a good quality. They are not available exactly like the size of your car’s make and model. Many car owners have faced a lot of problems after installing generic replacements. And eventually, they ended up paying more for keeping up with it. Common problems reported with generic replacements were distortions, inconsistent colorations, poor handling that led to scratches, chipped edges and broken attachments.