Learn Some Basic Tips To Take Care Of Your Mercedes-Benz AMG

The superior performance technology and extensive racing heritage of Mercedes Benz AMG represents the acme of the entire product family of Mercedes-Benz. To maintain superior performance of your Mercedes-Benz AMG and enjoy its long-lasting reliability and high resale value, there are a few fundamental tips that you need to follow.

Be diligent in following the service schedule

Routine maintenance activities such as change of oil, checking oil and fluid levels, replacing brake pads and identifying tire wear etc. keep a vehicle to perform efficiently. It also prevents issues that could result in costly repairs in the future.

Each new Mercedes-Benz AMG comes with an elaborate maintenance schedule. It is designed by the manufacturer. Following this schedule diligently prolongs the vehicle life and also replace common wear and tear items prior they lead to any trouble. Each step listed in the maintenance schedule has to be followed meticulously. This will ensure that the vehicle is running properly and also safeguards its warranty.

Always service it at an authorized Mercedes-Benz service center

Authorized automobile service centers perform high-quality servicing and maintenance tasks for varying makes and models of Mercedes vehicles. The technicians who would be working on your Mercedes Benz vehicle will have a lot of experience in dealing with your specific model.

They will only use original company made parts for both repairs as well as service. This will help in protecting the performance of the vehicle, increasing the warranty and resale value of your vehicle.

Do check the oil on a regular basis

The oil present in the engine of your vehicle provides the much-needed lubrication to its movable parts and also safeguards it from excessive wear. It could also result in premature failure of the engine. In between service visits, you must get your vehicle’s oil checked at least for a once. You must check the oil prior to starting the engine. Refer to the owner’s manual to locate the filler cap, the dipstick location, and the kind of oil advised by the manufacturer.

Checking the level of Coolant

The coolant absorbs heat from the combustion procedure. Low levels of coolant or an inappropriate mixture of water and anti-freeze can cause overheating of your vehicle. This can destroy the head gaskets, warp the heads and also damage the engine block. So, for better functioning of the vehicle, make sure that you check the coolant levels on a regular basis.


These basic car care tips are effective in keeping your Mercedes-Benz AMG in pristine condition.