Importance of PPSR while Buying a Second-Hand Car

Though owning a car is not as essential as food, home, and air, yet it tops the priority list considering the lifestyle of today. It gives you the independence of not relying on someone else to satisfy your travel needs nor do you have to adjust your schedule to avail a public ride. With independence comes the next factor which is convenience. If you stay in a remote location, owning a car saves you from the struggle of commuting from one place to another. This in-turn saves your time and leaves you with a peace of mind. It not only aids in your daily commuting but also proves to be an excellent relief for paying short visits here and there or planning long road trips. So, considering your budget, if you are thinking of getting yourself a second-hand car from a private seller, then don’t forget to conduct the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) search. Whenever you are purchasing a car through any private seller through some reference or advertisement in the social media or newspaper, a PPSR search is considered essential. But if you are getting it from an authorized dealer, then it is not required.

The need to search the PPSR

Before buying a second-hand vehicle, a PPSR check helps you to determine that there are no security interests against the car. If you find that a security interest has been recorded against the car, it indicates that the car is not debt-free and can even be repossessed even after you have purchased it. The search should be conducted on the very day or one day ahead when you intend to purchase the car to ensure that it is free from any debt, can’t be repossessed, there is no report of it being stolen, and it is not reported of being written-off.

The cost involved

If you consider searching reliable websites like, it can cost you as less as $5.90, and you will get a comprehensive report against it.  It is one of the most reliable websites where you don’t have to sign in to make the payment. But it always advised spending this small amount at the initial stage so that you don’t fall into any kind of trap and end up paying the loan of the previous owner. A loan is always charged on the property and not an individual, so if you own the car now, you would be liable to pay off its earlier dues. This can turn out to be a nightmare and leave you out of pocket.

The final process

Once the PPSR check is completed, you will be handed over a certificate. If it states that it is clear from any kinds of a security interest, then you can purchase the car at a peace of mind. But, if it reflects registered interest and you still decide to buy the car, then you need to take certain steps to protect yourself. It would involve meeting the financier’s office to make sure that the owner pays off the previous dues of the car before you purchase the same.