Car Maintenance Tips for the Spring Season

Now winter is over and spring is upon us, as you welcome the new season, it also means it’s time for car maintenance. Make sure to prep your car after the winter weather so that you can have a smooth ride to spring. Here are some tips to get your car ready for the new season.

Clean Your Car

A car maintenance checklist would not be complete without some serious car washing.  Give your car a decent post-winter cleaning from the inside out. Make use of a checklist to ensure you clean every corner and sides; that includes waxing, washing, taking out all that mess, and don’t forget to use a vacuum to suck up all the crumbs and little dirt.

Examine Your Brakes

Ensure that your bakes are in proper condition before you hit the road for some spring vacation. If your brakes are noisy and the brake check light is on, which you can find on the dashboard, then you probably need to get new brake pads. Examine your wheels and identify whether they too need to be changed. If so, call a reliable mechanic to complete the assessment and get the job done.

Check Your Battery

It’s a smart idea to check your car battery after the heavy winter. Make sure it is still functioning strongly because the performance of car batteries can decline if exposed to cold weather. The winter weather makes it deteriorate rapidly. You might want to consider going to your local car parts provider to have your battery changed.

Change Your Oil

Have your oil and its filter replaced following your manual’s instructions to ensure that your car functions smoothly through the spring season. This is one of the recommended ways to maintain your engine and keep it functioning well.

Check Your Tyres

Check those tyres that you used during the winter weather and consider replacing so that you are ready for spring travel and road trips. Some drivers don’t even bother to check the tyres they had during the winter, but you have to check your tyres. Get your winter tyres washed so that the stains and other dirt are removed. If your car’s tyres are good for all seasons, then you might as well examine the pressure and tread. Have them aligned proportionally if you observed that it is uneven. When you have safe tyres, you will be able to also have a safe driving experience. So, don’t skip on checking your tyres or you might put yourself at risk.

Examine Your Wiper Blades

During the winter time, ice and snow can diminish the performance of your car’s wiper blades. Examine for cracks and if you notice that the wiper blades are making squeaking noises, it’s time to change them for fresh ones.

It is important to have regular car maintenance, especially when you’re also preparing for an MOT test. Complete these checklist items before you book an MOT online to ensure that your car will run smoothly.